Study abroad


Academic mobility is one of priority directions of internationalization strategy of  NEI "Almaty Management University". Academic mobility is one of the key provisions of Bologna Declaration, which provides students with the opportunity to acquire learning experience abroad by participating in exchange, dual degree and short-term training programs.



One of the main objectives of academic mobility is to assist in integrating of education process into the international educational space, which is realized within the framework of academic mobility programs of the university. The purpose of development of programs of academic mobility is to improve the quality of education, to improve the understanding between different cultures and to educate a new generation prepared for life and work in the international community.


Academic mobility programs are implemented in accordance with contracts/agreements of cooperation between AlmaU and universities partners.

Academic mobility is different from traditional foreign internship. Firstly, students go to study abroad for long periods - from one semester to one academic year, and, secondly, during such internship, they study fully, not just learning languages and separate disciplines, they undergo a full semester or a year course which is counted on returning to AlmaU. Participation in academic mobility programs gives students a number of promising opportunities and advantages:

• to gain invaluable international experience in scientific and educational sphere;

• to expand professional knowledge and practical skills;

• to get useful language practice;

• to gain experience of learning and communicating in international, cross-cultural group.


In order to participate in academic mobility programs students must have:

• good academic performance (GPA no less than 3.0)

• a foreign language at Upper-Intermediate level

• internal motivation and real prospects of study abroad at universities partners of AlmaU will open for you


Thus, any student who complies with the selection criteria, has the opportunity to go to study in a foreign country on programs of academic mobility.