December 04, 2015

In AlmaU held conference in the honor of 70th anniversary of UN and UNESCO

November 27 of 2015 in Almaty Management University (earlier IAB) with the initiative of “Informational technologies and general education” department held Interuniversity scientific-practical conference of students and masters on the topic of: “Human development: achievements and problems”, dedicated to 70th anniversary of UN and UNESCO. 

In the work of conference took part politics, scientists and social doers. Among them: Ekaterina Lazareva, Representative of “UN-Women” – structures of UN on issues of gender equality and extension of rights and possibilities of women, Representative/Head of multycountry department in Central Asia (Kazakhstan); Dudar Zhakenov, adviser of the I class, adviser of Representation of MFA of the RK in Almaty; Alen Kuspanov, assistant of the Department of Social Information of UN; Sagadi Bulekbayev, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor (KazUIRaIL named at Abylay Khan) and others.

Before the start of the event, Nurzhamal Duisengulova, vice-rector on academic issues of Almaty Management University addressed welcoming speech to those present. She thanked guests for the contribution they make in development of growing generation and noted that the theme of conference is important especially in sectional interests and development of youth.

Conference was working on following sections:

Section 1. UN and UNESCO: achievements, problems, perspectives;

Section 2. State, effective management and human development;

Section 3. Economic growth and level of life in modern world;

Section 4. Culture and sport; contribution to human development;

Section 5. Informational technologies and national models of building global informational society.

In frames of conference were discussed methods of provision of stable development, particularly, exclusive role of human capital in this case. So, invited guests noted that it is necessary to provide measures on overcoming gap between wealthy and poor, fight with corruption through alignment of social inequalities in global scale. Special attention was paid on the role of youth in reaching aims of human development: so, students already during the education largely contribute to development of culture and sport, informational technologies in the country.

The aim of conference is detection and support of talented youth, development of creative abilities of students and masters, popularization of scientific knowledge, stimulation of interest to United Nations and UNESCO, strengthening of connections between faculties and schools of AlmaU and other universities.