March 18, 2017

Nauryz meiramy

Dear friends! Dear colleagues! Teachers and students!

My congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart on the holiday of peace, kindness and love for all living on earth – Nauryz meiramy!

Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on the earth, a symbol of spring and renewal of nature. Since ancient times it was believed that from the day of the vernal equinox, the light begins to conquer darkness, Good defeats Evil.

Nauryz, which we officially began to celebrate recently, since getting Independence, for 25 years has managed to become the foundation of national culture, and also as true national and international holiday. It unites all peoples of our Republic. And I believe that the sacred meaning of the holiday you feel in your soul that it brings you and gives you the opportunity to connect with your roots and origins.

The Kazakhs always prepared for the first day of a New year in advance. First of all, they tidied the house thoroughly, cleaned ditches and springs. Cleanliness in the surrounding space, in the house represents human’s spiritual purity – his commitment to everything new and good which Nauryz will bring. In this regard, there is a good tradition at AlmaU – on the eve of the holiday, the entire staff of the university, including students, faculty and staff have a subbotnik (clean-up day) – cleaning up the area and a campus, planting flowers and trees. And then the celebration begins with national dishes, songs and dances, with contests "Eki Zhuldyz", "Arkan Tartu", and with warm congratulations and wishes to each other.

Friends! Let one of the brightest and most beautiful holidays – Nauryz – will bring you happiness and prosperity! Wish you joy, well-being of your family and friends, and spectacular career success!

With wishes of peace and goodness,

Rector of AlmaU A. Kanagatova