Second higher education (Distance)


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Alternative Higher Education, 2 years - it is a professional training program, provides a reduction in terms of education, based on the completed first higher education.



Alternative Higher Education is -

  • Effective training on the job, the opportunity to learn at their own pace;
  • Save money and time resources;
  • attractive cost, flexible payment system;
  • strong teaching staff, 90% - practical teacher, applying the latest techniques of online learning;
  • Education for all citizens;
  • Higher Education of high quality that meets the standards of international level.


Language - Russian

Period - 2 years.



Distance learning provides education without interruption from working place using digital learning technologies;

It gives the opportunity to study in the individual mode, regardless of time and place;

receive education and are continuously on the individual program.

A special feature of this technology is the implementation of training and development of students' knowledge control with the school educational portal of the University - «». On the educational portal contains educational, methodical, organizational materials and assignments for self-study courses chosen specialty.

Educational forms:

Webinars - an online events held in real time, where teachers get presentations, lectures, training and tutorials.

Chat sessions - is a form of training sessions carried out with the use of network technology. Chat sessions are held simultaneously, the teacher and students have simultaneous access to written communication.

Text chat is used for training, consultation or discussion of a particular subject matters little problem, the nature of the discussion.

Internet forums - it is an opportunity for direct communication with the teacher target Internet audience of students, through communication programs on the Internet. Used for consultation and testing of the studied material, the exchange of experiences. .

Online consulting - provide the understanding  the teaching material where you will be able to ask questions related to the learning process.

Final Exam Period – is held during the week at the end of the semester, using the online exam testing.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Modern present knowledge;
  • Increasing the labor market demand;
  • Career and personal growth;
  • Promising business contacts;
  • Ability to select the optimal professional sphere.