2014 - 2015 academic year


Seminar May 27, 2015

«Research Wednesday: Year results»

Daniyar Sapargaliyev, PhD, Deputy Head of Research Department

«Identification of Tourist Potential in Kazakhstan»

Malini Prava Sethi, PhD Research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India

«Ulytau»: theoretical&methodological foundations, prospects of development

(by support of corporate social responsibility’s idea)»

Badagulova G.M., Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the laboratory «Modeling of multilingual environment»


Seminar May 20, 2015

«Art is to the spirit what bread is to the body…»

Soheila Keyani, British artist

«The current state of the Kazakh onomastics»

S.K. Imanberdiyeva, doctor of philology, professor of «Kazakh and Russian languages» Department



Seminar May 06, 2015

«Presentation of the system StrikePlagiarism.com»

Dr. Sebastian Kawczyński

«Mongolia: prospects of cooperation (on the possibility of opening a representative office of AlmaU)»

Abdullin, R.B., chief specialist of International Development Department


Seminar April 29, 2015

«The report of participation on International Conference «Lomonosov - 2015»

(Moscow, Russian Federation)»

Muratbekova A.M., Chief specialist of International Development Department


«The report of participation on International Conference Information Processing and Control Engineering 2015

(Moscow, Russian Federation)»

Saparkhojayev N.P., Senior lecturer of «Department InformationTechnology»


«The report of participation on European Conference on Intellectual Capital 2015

(Cartagena, Spain)»

Dosmanbetova A.S., Candidate of Economics, Associate professor of  Department «Evaluation, Accounting and Audit»



Seminar April 22, 2015

«Philosophy of formation of national social capital in Kazakhstan»

Tuleshov, V.U., Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of AlmaU, Director of Institute for Regional Development

Amrebayev, A.M., Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, Head of the First Kazakhstan President Center’s Institute of World Economics and Politics



Seminar April 15, 2015

«From the biosphere reserves to biosphere regions»

Jashenko R.V., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chairman of Kazakhstan National Committee “Man and Biosphere”, Head of Research Department


Seminar April 8, 2015

«Kazakhstan's oil and gas cluster: the problem of refining petroleum products»

Osmanov Zh.D., Candidate of Economics, Department of Marketing, Restaurant and Hotel Business


«The report of participation on 3rd International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship»

(Durban, South Africa)

Aitbay I.B., Chief specialist of International Development Department


Seminar April 1, 2015

"The relation of Russian and Kazakh literature through symbols and images".

Zhadanova K.H., Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Department of Kazakh and Russian languages

"The Hunt for thought" of Zhusup Balasuguni.

Amrebaeva Zh.T., Candidate of Philosophy, Chief specialist of the Institute for Educational Development


Seminar March 18, 2015

"Laboratory report for six-month period"

G.M. Badagulova, head of the laboratory

Sh.M. Maralbayeva, head of the laboratory

V.V. Shakhgulary, head of the laboratory