2015 - 2016 academic year

April 2016
13 April, 2016

Innovative technology in education process "Mobile computer class" (MCC) for IT students

Arman Korzhaspayev,  MSc., senior lecturer of  the IT & GS chair,

Gulsina Aidnalieva  senior lecturer of  the IT & GS chair,

Ermek Ramazanov associate professor, docent of the IT & GS chair.

The report on participation on the 13th KIMEP International Research Conference 2016

Sholpan M. Maralbayeva, senior lecturer of Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department

20 April,  2016


«Human and knowledge»

Imangali Kassymbayev, Director Information and Research Center LLP


March 2016 
30 March, 2016
Protection of intellectual property in Kazakhstan
Sim N.A., patent agent

March 2016 
2 March, 2016

Main trends of organized crime and corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ruslan M. Adbdrashev, doctor of law, associate professor of the Law chair

Report on participation in the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering (Nice, France)
Nurbek Saparkhojayev, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of “IT In Education” Lab

February 2016

17 February, 2016


Chairmanship of the EAEU:  problems and opportunities for Kazakhstan


Gulnara Murzatayeva, PhD in Economics, director of  ‘Samara Electrotechnical plant’ in Kazakhstan (Almaty) 


3 February, 2016


Chinese Migration to Kazakhstan: a Silk Road of Cooperation or a Thorny Road of Prejudice? 

Dr. Elena Sadovskaya, international expert on migration and migration policy of Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Almaty) 


January 2016
20 Januray, 2016

On the development of academic mobility to the European institutions on the example of universities in Poland and France

Malgorzata Woch, Office of Academic Mobility


Webinar and the rules for its implementation

Ch. Specialist of Distance Education Department, AlmaU, Kuralai Sadykhanova


Report on participation in the conference EBES 2016 in Sharjah, UAE

Aliya Dosmanbetova, э.ғ.к., Қаржы, Есеп және Аудит кафедрасының доценті

December 2015
09 December, 2015

Color sphere of vitality and consumer activity of the person


Sergey N. Nelidov, doctor of biological sciences, professor of AlmaU


02 December, 2015


Divergent Generation (Y & Z): will they leave us without job?


Akmaral Altaliyeva, PhD, professor of Graduate School of Business, AlmaU


November 2015

18 November, 2015


Master-class on the electronic library system  "Lan" 

S.G. Shnurova, deputy director of the publishing house "Lan"(St. Petersburg)


Modern methods of teaching disciplines of physics and mathematics

G.S. Dyusembaeva GS, senior lecturer of IT and General education department,  head

 of  Department of monitoring and assessing the quality of education


The extrabudgetary funding of universities in turbulent economy

A.Yu. Abinova, PhD, senior specialist of quality management system department and ratings of RK


4 November, 2015


"The report of participation on the 14th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL-2015 (Hatfield, UK)

G.E. Tulemissova, senior lecturer of IT and General education department


Training on creating and maintaining a personal profile of the scientist in Google Scholar

M.S. Bissembayeva, business analyst of the development and implementation of projects of Information Technology department

September 2015
16 September, 2015 

«How to win the grant of  British Council


Daniyar B. Sapargaliyev, Deputy Director of Research Department