AlmaU on Everest

For the first time in the history of the university, Maksut Zhumaev will hoist the flag of AlmaU on Chomolungma!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Almaty Management University, the AlmaU Mountain Club climbing club organizes the conquest of 30 peaks! It is symbolic that the first of 30 ascents - and immediately to Everest! - in honor of the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 30th anniversary of his alma mater AlmaU - the legend of Kazakhstani mountaineering, AlmaU MBA student - Maksut Zhumaev, one of 12 people in the world who climbed all 14 eight-thousanders without oxygen, will perform.


Background of the ascent

The very history of the birth of the idea to hoist the flag of the University on Everest is interesting. AlmaU has been systematically and systematically supporting the healthy lifestyle of its employees, teachers and students for many years - the AlmaU team annually participates in the Almaty Marathon, our employees and students are actively involved in sports, dancing, creativity and, of course, go to the mountains, thanks to our wonderful AlmaU club mountain club - under the guidance of mountain instructor Gulmira Mukhanova. In 2016, one of our students Eraydin Tasbolat conquered Elbrus and even played the dombra at the top.

Given our love for the mountains, the proximity of the mountains to our hometown - Almaty, we could not imagine the celebration of the 30th anniversary without conquering new peaks. And we started dreaming as a team! But do not just dream, but act! And as a result, an incredible at first glance idea was born to climb Everest with the flag of AlmaU! The response to the signal launched into the Universe in the form of our thoughts and desires and actions came unexpectedly quickly - and in the face of a real legend of world mountaineering Maksut Zhumaev.