Anti-smoking policy

AlmaU Anti-smoking Policy

AlmaU follows the national policy on the prevention and limitation of tobacco consumption (antismoking policy), aimed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, clean indoor air and declares AlmaU Campus a smoke-free zone.

Smoking in AlmaU premises is prohibited - all public places are designated as non-smoking areas. The no-smoking policy applies to all premises within the university. Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas.

AlmaU promotes a healthy lifestyle without smoking and implements activities to inform students, faculty and staff about the harm of smoking to their life, and also aimed to prevent the spread of smoking among youth.

In accordance with Article 110 point 5 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On public health and the health care system", the consumption of tobacco products is prohibited in:

1) educational organizations, as well as organizations for the infant rest;

2) healthcare organizations;

3) public catering zones;

4) cinemas, theaters, circuses, concert, viewing and exhibition halls, sports arenas and other indoor facilities intended for public recreation, including nightclubs, discos;

5) museums, libraries and lecture halls;

6) in unidentified places on trains and on ships of sea and river transport;

6-1) on board an aircraft, in the cabins of buses, minibuses when carrying passengers, trolleybuses, taxis and urban rail transport;

7) buildings of airports, railway, automobile and water stations;

8) state bodies and organizations;

9) workplace premises;

10) entrances of houses.

Relevant norms and restrictions are mentioned in the following internal documents of the university:

Agreement for the provision of educational services

Statement on Labor regulations

AlmaU Handbook 

other internal documents