Interactive museum


    The courtroom for practical training of students of the School of Law




Computer and internet equipment


13  computer classes, 110 units of projectors, 670  computers, FREE Wi-Fi  



Library and copy-centers


Library fund - 373 000+ units,  2 copy centers. Access to electronic library of leading scientific journals and books




In the educational building there are:                    

  • Canteen (1st floor): a small hall for teachers for 40 people, a large student hall - 200 seats

There is a wide choice of first and second courses, salads, fresh pastries, and package lunches. In addition to the main meal, hot and refreshing drinks are available.

Working hours


8.00 – 19.00

  • VIP-cafe (4th floor) - 50 seats
  • AlmaU coffee shop (3rd floor) - 30 seats

The coffee shop of Almaty Management University is located on the third floor of the academic building.

The menu of the coffee shop includes various items of invigorating, aromatic and thirst-quenching drinks, delicious desserts, snacks, salads and healthy food dishes.

Working hours


8.00 – 19.00

  • First floor food area & shop – 30 seats
  • Coffee machine at the first floor
  • Printing House (Copy centre)

The printing house (copy centre) is located on the first floor of the University. Provides color and black-and-white printouts, scanning of any format, a wide range of post-printing processing: lamination, binding, etc.

Working hours


8.00 – 17.00

  • Parking for staff and students for 200 parking places




Sport complex



Total area of sport complex 1024 sq m

Indoor sports center 720 sq m

Outdoor sports ground  800 sq m









The University offers housing facilities to their out-of-city and foreign students in dormitories provided by third party: 


Facilties for Parents and Kids:

All staff, faculty and students members may send their kids to AlmaU kindergarden, school and/or college. These facilities are located in Almaty, and offer scholarships and discounts to AlmaU team members. 


Sustainable Campus

AlmaU campus is equipped with energy-saving light bulbs, the windows are wide and open to have the most of use of the daylight and save on electricity and energy. The energy usage is monitored through the monthly billing system and is supervised by the authorized entities from the city and energy providers.

AlmaU gives free access to clean water offering on Campus facilities for students, faculty, staff & guests. University has 2 drinking fountains on the premises along with the drinking water boilers. Water here comes from a filter system containing 3 stages of purification and cleaning. Filtration systems specially designed for catering and canteen services.

On-campus cleaning services use certified eco friendly washing liquids and bio products for cleaning.