November 02, 2018

10 years of Support Program for Rural Teachers!

On November 1, 2018 the fourth day of the Advanced Training Program "Content Without Borders: Designing a New School" took place.

The first speaker was Assylbek Kozhakhmetov, President of AlmaU, who presented a leadership lecture on the topic: “We think big: how to get out of borders and design a new school.” In his speech, Assylbek Kozhakhmetov spoke about the old education system, which has not changed over the past two hundred years. The speaker also stressed the need for transformation of secondary schools. As an example, the President spoke about SpaceX Ad Astra school, where about forty students currently study. The speaker also shared the history of creating his own educational projects.


Kazakhstan ranks the tenth place in the international suicide rating after Tanzania and Nepal, that is 23.8 cases per 100 thousand people. The most common cause of suicide is depression. Svetlana Bogatyreva, TEENS project coordinator, told how to create an emotionally balanced environment for children in school at the seminar “TEENS Project: How to Prevent Suicides in Schools”.

Dean of Graduate School of Management Assel Aryn told how to teach using modern technologies and tools on the example of Almaty Management University. Her training "Interactive methods in teaching" gave new ideas to  school representatives on the teaching process.



This year, the social support program for rural teachers is 10 years old. Another good news was added to this anniversary date - on October 26, Assylbek Kozhakhmetov received Altyn Zhurek Award in the nomination “For Support of Education”.

In 2008, Assylbek Kozhakhmetov launched an initiative to help rural schools in crisis years as the most vulnerable representatives of education. The essence of the social project “Support for Rural Schools by Universities of the Country” was that each university (144 universities in Kazakhstan at that time) took over one rural area of ​​the republic (200) and helped schools in the district, first of all, in terms of improving teachers’ qualifications. In 2009, the IAB, without waiting for a response from other universities, took patronage over Aiyrtau region of North Kazakhstan region. Since 2009, 331 participants of Aiyrtau district of the North Kazakhstan region have improved their skills in Almaty.


A tea party with a birthday cake was organized in honor of the 10th anniversary of the project and “Altyn Zurek” award .

On the same day, participants in the advanced training program went to “ Bilimkana” school. During the tour, they got acquainted with the mission and plans of the school. The school principal, Mrs. Corbit, shared information about how they support the learner-centered concept and implement it at every level of their activities: starting with elective disciplines, ending with a special role of trust in building relations between administration, teachers and schoolchildren.