About meeting with members of AlmaU Board of Trustees


September 10, 2019

About meeting with members of AlmaU Board of Trustees

Today, on September 10, a regular meeting of members of AlmaU Board of Trustees took place. The agenda discussed the development of large schools, such as Graduate School of Business and Graduate School of Management till 2025. Also, members of the Board of Trustees approved the University's Accounting Policy.


At the meeting, the results of the last academic year were summed up and plans for the 2019-2020 academic year were outlined.

In the afternoon, members of the Board of Trustees met with teachers and employees of the university, and discussed questions and visions about the role of applied research in education, how to conduct research better: in a team or separately, on the initiative for consulting services and others.


 AlmaU Rector Gulmira Kurganbaeva focused on the main directions of the university and schools, in her speech. Gulmira Kurganbaeva highlighted the digitalization of education as an important area that is being introduced in our country. She noted that "the university needs to strengthen the development of distance learning courses." In her speech, the Rector also thanked the members of the Board of Trustees for their cooperation and expert assistance in improving the work.

Murat Abenov, a member of the Board of Trustees of AlmaU, emphasized the university’s role in the development of entrepreneurial education in the country and a steady percentage of graduate employment. He sees the reason for this positive result in the fact that university graduates feel responsibility for themselves, for their environment, since all years of study instill in them entrepreneurial thinking and, therefore, responsibility. Murat Abenov wished the university to become an educating institution in the field of entrepreneurial education.

Zhanat Berdalina, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, in her speech expressed her willingness to share with the team some of the challenges in the educational process and provide expert assistance. Her idea of ​​personalizing the plans of each teacher and university employee is very important. That is, according to the University Development Strategy, outline the development of a development plan for each teacher for 3 years, for 5 years and further. She noted that “every teacher should have a development plan that describes goals, ambitions and, of course, assessment of it”.

During the conversation, the following teachers asked their questions: Medetov Daniyar, head of the Business Incubator, Oskolkov Vladimir Sergeevich, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the School of State and Public Policy and Law (hereinafter – SSPP&L), Nursha Askar Kuandykuly, c.h.sc., Dean of SSPP&L and Kurenkeeva Gulnara Turdalievna, c.e.sc., Dean of Graduate School of Business.

Raimbek Batalov, a member of the Board of Trustees, answering the question about grants for teachers, noted the timeliness of the proposal and supported the initiative, noting the importance of holding a competition on the basis of a clearly worked out program. Raimbek Batalov mentioned Enactus international program of student entrepreneurial projects. The main idea of ​​Enactus is to introduce original entrepreneurial ideas that contribute to increasing the economic efficiency of companies and improving the quality of people’s life.


AlmaU President Assylbek Kozhakhmetov summed up the meeting with the following words: “Almaty Management University faces new tasks and challenges. Our university is a leader in entrepreneurial education, and in the future should become a leader in the civil society. ”