Research and Development Department


The Research and Development department at AlmaU is dedicated to providing support for academic research and developing the publication activity of the university's faculty, staff and students.

development of academic Research
  • Providing training for developing research professionalism
  • Providing information on AlmaU's ongoing and planned research
  • Providing assistance with journal selection
  • Collection of academic research activity reports
  • Managing the publication database of AlmaU
  • Managing AlmaU's publications and journal
  • Providing information on conference quality 


Grant search support
  • Providing information on national and international research grants
  • Providing guidance on grant application process
  • Monitoring the admission, research process and financial flow of grants
  • Collaboration with grant providers




Director, PhD.

Tel.: +7 (727) 313-30-49 (ex. 411)





Chief Specialist 

Tel.: +7 (727) 313-28-76 (ex. 599)