title2 them same size 🙁

title 3


text text text text text text text  mmm <h1> Header </h1>  why it’s visible…

I’m just typing some text and hope it won’t ruin all structure, but it shouldn’t 🙂

now checking table
let’s place image
good quality later we will check images opportunities
ehhh bad eng


the table is not placed the chosen way :/

“далее” some kind of “space”?/ No it’s not (maybe it’s for inner navigate)



“отступ” useful tool

quotes quotes i don’t see any changes :/


  • marks
  • useful
  • too
  • why dots are not visible :/
  • i fix it 😀
  1. numbers
  2. ok
  3. ok



left (is it moore left than simple text?/ No)

https://www.youtube.com/    https://www.youtube.com/ yup that’s just a link to youtube


“неразрывной пробел” i think we will just read about it later

“якорь” also to read

2024-06-03         16:06:00      16:06:42 not so useful but interesting (doesn’t change automatically)

let’s see “page break”

that means all that stuff under page break floats in data and isn’t visible?/Yes








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