July 07 , 2017
Dear colleagues! Almaty Management University (AlmaU) invites everyone to participate in the International Summer School 2017!
June 22 , 2017
MBA graduates have an old tradition to visit each other’s countries as a part of their MBA experience. That is why 12 graduates of this program, visited Kazakhstan after being invited here by Kazakh Global Executive MBA graduate Ruslan Kozhakhmetov (AlmaU’s corporate development prorector).
May 19 , 2017
May 18-19, 2017, Almaty Management University holds in the southern capital Forum "Entrepreneurship education in rising societies".
May 11 , 2017
On April 27, the most ambitious event of the year “Mr. and Miss AlmaU” was held in the walls of our university!
May 05 , 2017
Almaty Management University (former International Academy of Business) announces a START of the Annual International Contest for International Applicants "Mega Chance"!
May 04 , 2017
​Beautiful Charyn Canyon, situated near the Chinese border, 4h driving from Almaty was were AlmaU ‘s exchange students celebrated The II International Day on April, 21st.
April 17 , 2017
On April 11, a second round of University’s top management representatives lunch with international exchange students from Tajikistan and Malaysia took place at AlmaU.
April 17 , 2017
On April 6-7, Almaty Management University hosted a delegation from CEFAM, French American business school in Lyon (Hélène KAYSER), and IGS Group (Valida Mechri).
March 26 , 2017
Don't miss the main EVENT of the YEAR for GRADUATES of schools and colleges of RK! Spring holidays together with Almaty Management University! 2 days – 2 great events!
March 18 , 2017
Dear friends! Dear colleagues! Teachers and students! My congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart on the holiday of peace, kindness and love for all living on earth – Nauryz meiramy!
March 15 , 2017
Inkompass – это программа стажировки в ТОО «Филип Моррис Казахстан», которая поможет тебе раскрыть свой потенциал, получить практические навыки, работая над реальными бизнес-проектами, и воспользоваться уникальной возможностью трудиться в команде профессионалов.
March 15 , 2017
We invites you on March 16, 2017 to participate in the meeting with political scientist Sayasat Nurbek on the topic "The Results of the research of the values of the Kazakhstani society."
March 14 , 2017
Almaty Management University (AlmaU) invites everyone to participate in the International Summer School 2017!
February 09 , 2017
Dear AlmaU Readers, we suggest you to get involved in the project "The Taming of the Routine: Reading with Delight and Benefits."
February 06 , 2017
The students of AlmaU Foundation educational program successfully repassed the Complex Testing of Applicants, which was conducted from 20 to 24 January. 100% of potential students of Almaty Management University scored a passing grade!